About ICHA

Learn more about the ICHAThe Idaho Cutting Horse Association is a growing and innovative association.

about1Since its inception in 1972, the ICHA’s mission has been to promote and provide both weekend shows and aged events that will enhance the Cutting Horse interests, activities and industry.

The ICHA strives to benefit breeders, trainers, owners and participants in the sport of cutting.

The ICHA is distinguished by its fiscal strength, an active and responsive Board of Directors, the excellent quality of our shows, commitment to comprehensive future planning process, and an on-going dedication to serve and encourage its cutters at all levels of participation.

Please visit our web pages to learn more about our shows, youth scholarship programs, year-end awards program, sponsorship opportunities and the ICHA Futurity & Aged Events. We invite you to join us in Idaho to enjoy the sport of cutting!



  1. Hello. We are trying to register for the Idaho Cutting Horse Association newsletter. There are two places (top and bottom) when you ask for the same newsletter information. When we fill out the top one and press ‘Subscribe’, the Subscribe button greys out and nothing happens. When we fill out the bottom one and press ‘Subscribe’, the web pages switches to a blank web page with the single line of “Cheatin’ huh?’. No, we are not even trying to cheat on anything; just get a simple newsletter. Please let us know how we can get all available newsletter information received at ‘BeumelerFamily@gmail.com’ and name = “JLJ Beumeler”. Thank you.

  2. Hello JLJ Beumeler, Thank you so much for reporting the problem with our newsletter. The problem has been corrected. We use a program called mailchimp and they have an odd sense of humor in their error codes. So sorry for the insinuations.

  3. Grew up on a ranch in Oregon. Miss the cattle and the horses. Would love to be involved. desiree’

  4. Would it be possible to put this on all your information?

    Annual B Bar B Ranch/CSI Equine Department Judging Clinic will be held in the Taylor Building on the CSI Twin Falls Campus on Feb. 16, 2013. Cost is $20.00 (includes lunch). Time is 9:30 AM to 3:00PM. Instructors David Glaser, Van Greenwell and Shane Prescott. Youth – No Charge except for lunch. Reservations appreciated: Katie Breckenridge 208-788-4424.

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