2012 ICHA/UCHA Youth Scholarship Cuttings

Presented by the Idaho & Utah Cutting Horse Association

Rules & Information:

ICHA & UCHA will once again this year, host Youth Scholarship Cuttings in conjunction with the Youth classes at our weekend shows. There will be two Youth Scholarship Cuttings offered per weekend.

*Youth cutters must be a member of the show-producing affiliate (ICHA or UCHA)  in order to qualify for scholarships.*

Payout in the scholarship cuttings in both the Senior and Junior Youth divisions shall be: $300 for 1st Place; $200 for 2nd place; and $100 for 3rd place.

In order to determine the number of places in each class to receive scholarships, the following payout format will be used.
* There must be three riders to make a class. *

1-2 entries:        1 scholarship – $100
3 entries:            1 scholarship- $300
4-5 entries:        2 scholarships – $300, $200
6 & up entries:  3 scholarships – $300, $200, $100

Please Note: If there are not enough entries to make separate Youth classes, a combined Youth class will be formed and scholarships will be awarded to both the Junior and Senior Youth participants, according to the format listed above.

For example: If there are two Junior Youth and three Senior Youth, a combined Youth class will be held with five participants. There will be one scholarship paid in the Junior Youth of $100 (based on 2 entries), and one scholarship paid in the Senior Youth of $300 (based on 3 entries).