Legends in the Making

When American cowboys of the 1800′s ran cattle together on open ranges, they gathered each year to separate their herds from their neighbors. This is what we call “Cutting”. Along with what naturally occurs when you bring a group of people working together, it turns into a competition. From this we have seen many “Legends” in the Cutting industry that give us inspiration to keep this sport going. The Cutting heritage runs strong and deep and has for centuries. In the 1800′s it was also a grand social event and nothing much from that has changed today. The ranchers gathered, there was a Cutting competition, and the families shared their stories and wares from the last gathering. They shared crafts, recipes, and laughter. They helped teach and guide the children and developed a strong community.

Cattle RoundupLet us introduce ourselves. We are Gold Buckle Champion events working in conjunction with the Idaho Cutting Horse Association and would like to invite you to join us for two of our spectacular events in 2011. This year our Spring Aged Event is March 16-20 and the Futurity and Aged Event August 31- September 7. Both events bring in national and international visitors. Our guests arrive and stay for an entire week. With these events we do extensive print and radio advertising to bring in the local public to introduce them to FREE Cutting Horse event entertainment . This event welcomes our guests and local visitors with enticing activities, fun, food and so much more.

These two premier events are held at the Idaho Horse Park Arena located in Nampa, Idaho. March’s event will focus on clinics and educational seminars involving horses and Idaho products. It is open to the public. If you would like to present a small seminar on a craft, skill, or product that you have, please contact us to find an available time slot. You will find more information about the event on the website www.GoldBuckleChampion.com

With technology and advancement, we no longer run herds together and most of the gathering and sorting is done with pickup trucks and squeeze chutes, but the social heart of where cutting began lives on in all of the people involved and it is so strong that it will live on for many more generations to come.

Our Marketing Department has met with the Department of Agriculture and formed a viable vehicle for the Idaho Preferred Farmers Markets to have an opportunity to introduce themselves before the official May schedule. Our spring event in March will be the perfect opportunity to brand your market and all of it’s unique venues. As a participant, you will be included in our advertising campaigns.

Our signature event, Gold Buckle Champion’s – “Legends in the Making” challenges individuals of school age, ( 6-21) to make a difference in their community and to keep the spirit that made our forefathers and their legendary actions alive.

A point system will be awarded based on a criteria set by the committee to award points during the time period between the March Aged Event and the September Futurity. Points accumulated will be used at live auction to buy prizes and scholarships donated by individuals, the community and Gold Buckle Champion. They may also contain services provided by leaders in our community, such as a day with a Veterinarian, Doctor, or Business leader. The sky is the limit when coming up with ideas on what can be auctioned off. These are all attainable goals for participating youth who are learning to become outstanding community leaders as a team or by themselves. Children without extraordinary notoriety will have as much an opportunity to gain as many points as their counterparts, sometimes more.

We invite you to join us Saturday, March 19th 2011, for a Country Fair Idaho Preferred Farmers Market Experience. With Gold Buckle Champion, a non profit association dedicated to education and western heritage preservation through equine events, as your host and the Idaho Cutting Horse Association Spring Aged Event as your destination.

Space is limited, so please contact us with your interest. The events of 2011 are amazing! You won’t want to miss it!

JOIN US for the Gold Buckle Champion Country Fair! Support Idaho’s Local Fire Departments as they have fun with our first annual Weenie and S’more Camp Fire.

Support IDAHO’S local Police Department! Dare to Keep Kids involved as we introduce fun educational clinics hosted by Gold Buckle Champion.

Points will be awarded for:

Student Body Offices – including but not limited to schools. This can include your local FFA, 4-H, High School Rodeo, Dance, Gymnastics, etc. If in doubt, ask!
1,000 points

Exemplary actions or ideas involving youth or the community. This can be chairing a can food drive, coat drive, Toys for Tots , etc. This list is not complete, show us what you can do!
1,000 points

Best use of Idaho Products – Points given for best use of Idaho product for manufacturing, recipes, crafts, etc. The best ideas come from necessity. The best food recipes will be awarded the “Gold Buckle Champion” Seal of approval and featured at one of the top restaurants.
500 points

Clinics – Points for giving a clinic on a craft or art form or a way to make things safer or easier.
500 points

Awards – points given for awards you have received from your church, school, or service organization. Copies of originals will be honored.
250 points

Volunteer – Points given for each hour you have volunteered for a non-profit or service organization. This can also include reading to the elderly in a nursing home, paint the town, Salvation Army bell ringer, etc. This list is not complete.. Give us your ideas on how you can make a difference.
50 points for every hour – must be documented by the organization leader.

Community Classes – Points given for attending classes and seminars by participating businesses. Take a class to broaden your horizons and win points for doing it.
25 Points for each class. Click here for details on participating partners.

Communities Choice – Additional Points will be given based on extraordinary actions by opinion of the judging committee.

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Visit our Blog to see more about upcoming events with the “Legends in the Making”

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