Futurity & Aged Event

Futurity & Aged Event

ICHA Futurity & Aged Event
August 30  - September 8, 2014

Exit 38 off I84 West

At the Ford Idaho Horse Park in Nampa
16280 Equine Drive  Nampa, Idaho


Visitors and Spectators CLICK HERE  for all the things going on besides the amazing horse show.

Draws and Results will be posted as soon as possible.

You can download an app for your smart phones and tablets to keep you up to date, draws, results, applications.  http://my.yapp.us/IDAHOCHA

We are so sorry for the inconvenience, but this event is NOT webcast.

ICHA Futurity
Show Secretary

Theresa Nelson


Email Theresa
Coordinator & Treasurer

Sue Marostica

PO Box 70
Kuna, ID 83634


Email Sue
Vendor & Sponsor Contacts

Corey Fagan


Email Corey
Requirements to Enter

Entry Forms with Flyer - All Information and Forms

Entry Forms- One per Horse

Registration Papers - Very important that you have these at the show

W-9/Membership Form

Idaho Horse Park Stall & RV Reservations
Additional Forms and Information

Revised Rules & Regulations

Updated Fees

Host Hotels

Visit Idaho

You can use the search feature to find a specific class… for example search for Derby.

Print the schedule using the print icon.

Futurity & Aged Event & Mecuria 2013

ICHA Futurity & Aged Event & Mercuria 2013
8/28/2013 Wednesday8:00 AMConfirmation of Classic/Challenge Open 1st Go

Classic/Challege 1st go Draw

Classic/Challenge Open Gelding
Results Classic/Challenge 1st GoHorse Arena
8/29/2013 Thursday8:00 AMConfirmations of Derby Open 1st Go

Derby Open 1st Go
Horse Arena
8/29/2013 ThursdayClassic/Challenge 2nd Go Draw & ResultsDerby Open 1st Go Results

Classic/Challenge Open 2nd Go Results
Horse Arena
8/30/2013 Friday8:00 AMFuturity Open 1st GoFuturity Open 1st Go ResultsHorse Arena
8/30/2013 FridayClassic/Challenge Open Finals DrawClassic/Challenge Open Finals ResultsHorse Arena
8/31/2013 Saturday8:00 AMDerby Open 2nd GoDerby Open 2nd Go ResultsHorse Arena
8/31/2013 Saturday

Mercuria Non Pro Draw 1st Go

Mercuria Open Draw
Mercuria Non Pro 1st Go Results

Mercuria Open 1st Go Results
Horse Arena
9/1/2013 Sunday8:00 AMDerby Open Finals ResultsHorse Arena
9/1/2013 SundayFuturity Open 2nd Go Draw
Futurity Open 2nd Go ResultsHorse Arena
9/1/2013 SundayMercuria Non Pro Finals Draw
Mercuria Non Pro ResultsHorse Arena
9/1/2013 SundayMercuria Open Finals DrawMercuria Open FinalsHorse Arena
9/2/2013 Monday (Labor Day)Classic/Challenge Non Pro 1st Go DrawClassic/Challenge Non Pro 1st Go ResultsHorse Arena
9/2/2013 Monday (Labor Day)Derby Non Pro 1st Go Revised DrawDerby Non Pro 1st GoHorse Arena
9/2/2013 Monday (Labor Day)Futurity Open Finals
Futurity Open FinalsHorse Arena
9/3/2013 Tuesday8:00 AMClassic/Challenge 2nd Go Draw
Classic/Challenge Non Pro 2nd Go ResultsHorse Arena
9/3/2013 TuesdayDerby Non Pro 2nd Go Draw
Derby Non Pro 2nd Go ResultsHorse Arena
9/3/2013 TuesdayUncola Non Pro 1st Go Draw
Uncola Non Pro 1st Go ResultsHorse Arena
9/3/2013 TuesdayFuturity Amateur 1st GoFuturity Amateur ResultsHorse Arena
9/3/2013 TuesdayFuturity Non Pro 1st Go DrawHorse Arena
9/4/2012 Wednesday8:00 AMNon Pro Classic/Challenge Finals DrawClassic/Challenge Non Pro ResultsHorse Arena
9/4/2013WednesdayDerby Non Pro Finals DrawDerby Non Pro ResultsHorse Arena
9/4/2013WednesdayRun with Non-pro herdFuturity Amateur Finals-Pencil
Horse Arena
9/4/2013 WednesdayFuturity Non Pro 2nd GoFuturity Non Pro 2nd Go ResultsHorse Arena
9/4/2013 WednesdayUncola Finals
Uncola Non Pro ResultsHorse Arena
9/4/2013 WednesdayClassic/Challenge Amateur 1st Go
Horse Arena
9/5/2013 Thursday8:00 AMDerby Amateur 1st Go
Horse Arena
9/5/2013 ThursdayFuturity Non Pro Finals DrawFuturity Non Pro ResultsHorse Arena
9/5/2013 ThursdayClassic/Challenge Amateur Finals
Classic/Challenge Amateur FinalsHorse Arena
9/5/2013 ThursdayDerby Amateur FinalsDerby Amateur FinalsHorse Arena


Here’s to making this a memorable year!

Contact our Videographer Hitchiker Productions HERE

To keep those memories please contact our photographer Dan Wold at Wold Studios HERE




  1. hi there i couldn’t get the email to work for to email Theresa
    on the entry form there is a $200 000 limit class is that strictly for non pro riders or for open too?
    leah slattery

  2. Hi Leah,

    The $200,000 limited is strictly for the Non-Pro. Thanks for the heads up on the email glitch. I will see if I can get it fixed. Please send the entries to Sue Marostica PO Box 70 Kuna, ID 83634

  3. Sue I sent an entry in for The War Leos Legend I will be showing him in the N/P mercuria and Jesse my daughter NCHA# 59246-01 wii be showing him in the Uncola we wanted to enter the 200ltd and the gelding for that class also. thanks

  4. Perfect! Thanks for the heads up. I got it added for you.


  5. I still have another horse to enter but I need to wait a couple of days. Will you send me an email confirmation on the entries so far ? Thank you :)


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