ICHA Annual General Membership Meeting

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Red Lion Hotel, Twin Falls, Idaho

January 10, 2009 1 pm

Present: Preston Skaar, Brian Anderson, Jody Cada, Don Waddoups, AdaRuth Waddoups, Gina Macdonald, Dan Roman, Scott Martin, Hazel Thorne, Denise Shewmaker, Jay Proost, Kris Nast, Lora Roberts, John Uhrig, Lennie Uhrig, Diane Hooper, Raeli Prescott, Sue Marostica, Darcy Skaar

Preston Skaar, ICHA President, called the meeting to order at 1:02 pm.

Minutes from 2008 ICHA Annual General Membership meeting (Dec 8, 2007):

Preston let everyone know that there was not an actual 2008 ICHA Annual General Membership meeting held, due to no additional members were in attendance (besides those who were already in attendance for the ICHA Board meeting held earlier that day). Time that was allotted for that General Membership meeting was used for a continuation of the ICHA Board meeting. Therefore, there are no minutes to review/approve at this time.

Proposed 2009 ICHA Budget:

Preston reviewed the proposed 2009 ICHA budget, giving special attention to the ICHA approvals for 2009 that will generate a significant source of additional revenue for the ICHA (Utah CHA-all shows, South Point-Las Vegas, Bell A Ranch-Burns, Winnemucca and Meadow Vue Ranch- Henry’s Lake).
2008 Year-End Financials

Sue Marostica, ICHA Treasurer, reviewed the 2008 year-end financials. Preston reported that 2008 was definitely a better year for the ICHA than 2007 was, but he added that we definitely need to continue to keep things on an uphill trend. Preston said that he feels comfortable about the current financial status of the ICHA.

2008/2009 ICHA Futurity & Aged Event:

Preston reported that the 2008 ICHA Futurity & Aged Event was a great show and that we have heard a lot of good feedback from those who attended it.

The 2009 ICHA Futurity & Aged Event is scheduled with NCHA for September 3-11, 2009 and will again be held at The Idaho Center, Idaho Horse Park in Nampa, Idaho. The ICHA Board of Directors will still be discussing more on this over the next month or so regarding what the specific structure and details will be for the 2009 event (added money, etc.)

Weekend Shows:

Preston shared the TENTATIVE schedule for 2009 ICHA shows:

2009 ICHA Tentative Weekend Show Schedule

- January 23-24 Hurricane, Utah (ICHA-approved)

- February 19-21 Ogden, Utah (ICHA-approved)

- Feb 26- March 1 Las Vegas, Nevada (ICHA-approved)

- March 20-22 Nampa, Idaho (ICHA-produced)

- April 23-25 Ogden, Utah (ICHA-approved)

- May 29-30 Oakley, Utah (ICHA-approved)

- June 12-14 Nampa, Idaho (ICHA-produced)

- June 25-28 Burns, Oregon (ICHA-approved)

- July 3-5 Winnemucca, Nevada (ICHA-approved)

- July 17-18 Idaho Falls, Idaho (ICHA-produced)

- August 6-7 Oakley, Utah (ICHA-approved)

- August 28-30 Henry’s Lake, Idaho (ICHA-approved)

Preston also let everyone know that in 2009, the earnings from every show that is ICHA-produced or ICHA-approved will count toward 2009 Idaho Champion Series standings and year-end awards.


Preston reported that in 2009, Idaho will do their own awards series, rather than the joint series with Utah as has been done in the past. ICHA will present our 2009 Idaho Champion Series year-end awards during the ICHA Futurity & Aged Event in September 2009.

Scott Martin let everyone know that he was able to find some nice, affordable saddles (Stray Dog Saddles- Dave Hammond). The introductory cost on the saddles is $1950 and there is also an incentive of buy-10-get-1-free. Scott said that he has heard that they are good saddles from people who have them. He said that he sat in one at Fort Worth and it felt like a nice saddle. He added though, that we are definitely going to need to get some sponsorship to help make saddles part of our year-end awards. Preston reported that the ICHA Board’s feeling is to utilize the saddles to entice our beginning-level cutters (possibly offer saddles in the $20,000 Non-Pro class, the $2000 Limited Rider class, the $10,000 Amateur class and possibly the $50,000 Amateur class).

Denise Shewmaker suggested that maybe we put every cutters name into a drawing for each time they enter, and at the end of the year, we draw for a saddle (to increase membership, participation in classes, and entries at our shows). Preston said that if we do that, he would definitely like to see it only be the entry-level classes that are eligible for the drawing…

Sue, Darcy and Hazel are going to take care of the year-end awards for 2009. We will do awards 5-deep in all of the classes for the Idaho Champion Series. They asked that if anyone has anything specific that they would like to see give as an award to please let one of them know.

We are looking at lots of fun ideas for weekend show awards and futurity awards this year.

Hazel provided an update on the 2008 Mountain West Champion Series awards, letting everyone know that they (she and Jennie Hale) tried very hard to stay on track with the budget that they had for these awards, while still getting some very nice awards. She said that everything has been ordered and is on the way.

Darcy let everyone know that the 2008 MW Champion Series awards will be presented in Ogden, Utah at Jeremiah’s Restaurant on Friday, February 20th after dinner, which will be served at 7 pm. An RSVP for dinner will be required to either Darcy or Kathryn by February 17th.

ICHA Committee Assignments (2009);

Preston reported that new 2009 ICHA Committee assignments were made in the ICHA Board meeting earlier today. These, along with a list of 2009 ICHA Officers & Directors, will be posted on the idahocha.com website and published in Horse Sports so that everyone knows who they can contact and who is on each committee.

NCHA Changes & Additions:

Dave Glaser and Van Greenwell (Idaho NCHA Directors) had to leave prior to the ICHA General Membership meeting, so Preston reviewed the recent 2009 NCHA Changes/Additions document that was sent out by NCHA. He let everyone know that a copy of this document will be available on the idahocha.com website ASAP. Just some of the changes/additions mentioned are:

- Pay scale change

- “National Championships fee” is now what used to be the “World Finals fee” (it is still $2.00/entry). This money will now go toward Eastern & Western National Championships, beginning in the 2009 points year.

- $3,000 Novice Non-Pro class will now be the $5,000 Novice Non-Pro class and the $10,000 Novice Non-Pro class will now be the $15,000 Novice Non-Pro class.

- No shows will be approved by NCHA during the NCHA Convention, June 19-21.

- Judges stand is recommended to be at least 6 feet high and located away from show secretary.

- No more Apprentice trainer program (last applications were approved Nov 23, 2008).

- Idaho/Utah being allowed to have Youth classes on Fridays after 6pm will be made a permanent rule

Hitchiker Productions:

Preston let everyone know that we had a presentation from Hitchiker Productions (Pat Tillman & Aaron Aegerter) earlier today. Hitchiker Productions is interested in assisting us with obtaining additional sponsorship and continuing to grow the ICHA. They have submitted a bid to do the three ICHA-produced weekend shows in 2009, as well as the 2009 ICHA Futurity & Aged Event. Preston said that we have also received a bid from Action West Video Productions for our three weekend shows and the Futurity & Aged Event in 2009.

Preston said that Sue works extremely hard to get sponsorships for the ICHA, but she can only do so much as one person. Part of Hitchiker’s agreement with the ICHA, should we decide to use them for 2009, is to go with her to meet with all of the current ICHA sponsors, as well as to assist her in making contact with potential sponsors. Since Hitchiker Productions is located in the Treasure Valley, and they live close to Sue, this will help a great deal in enabling us to gain more sponsorship. Hitchiker also wants to do a lot of promotion of and for our sponsors.

Sue pointed out that Hitchiker does not charge the cutter to view runs- that is always free- and the price to the cutter to have runs put on a DVD/VHS is CONSIDERABLY less than many of the other companies that offer the same services.

Denise asked if Hitchiker will require a percentage/commission if they obtain sponsorship on the ICHA’s behalf. Sue and Preston said yes, Hitchiker will take 50% and the ICHA will get 50% of whatever the total sponsorship from that sponsor is. Preston and Sue both pointed out that that is actually a GREAT deal for ICHA, and for the sponsors… 50% of something is better than 50% of nothing for us, and Hitchiker will do promotional ads, etc. for the sponsor. Hitchiker has made sure to let us know that they won’t charge us anything for going with Sue to meet any of the existing sponsors that Sue already has.

Sue would like to send a video out of all of our sponsors to every ICHA member as a promotion for our shows (Weekend shows and Futurity). She said that Hitchiker is happy to do that for us.

Preston said that the ICHA Board will reconvene after this meeting to make a decision on which production company we will use for our 2009 events.


Scott asked what level of sponsorship is required for a sponsor’s ad to play during the Futurity… He said that Sandy Figge would like to become a bigger sponsor for the Futurity. Sue said that the $5,000 and $10,000 sponsors are the “big levels” right now… Sue said that she would be happy to sit down and work something up with Scott for Sandy.

Sue said that Commercial Tire is a $10,000 sponsor, so they are at the top of the priority list right now as far as advertisement. She said that we have a lot of $5,000 sponsors as well. Sue would like to see us open this up to all of our sponsors, and let them be on the ad video on the multiple screens that will be around the arena during each show.

Dan suggested maybe the amount of sponsorship be directly proportional to the amount of minutes that they get in the ads?

Dan said that we could probably get National sponsors with this kind of publicity and advertising going on at our shows. Sue said that she is actually already pursuing National sponsorships right now, and then later in the year she will move to local sponsors when it gets a little closer to the show times (with Hitchiker’s help, if that is the decision of the ICHA Board).

Preston announced that the 2009 ICHA Futurity & Aged Event will be broadcasted on RFD-TV, which is VERY exciting for the ICHA!

Meeting adjourned at 1:45pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Darcy Skaar, ICHA Secretary & Communications Coordinator.

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