Biggest Little Show in the NCHA

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By Corey Fagan
Photos by Dan Wold

Another outstanding event was held at the Idaho Horse Park Arena this spring!  Once again, things around Idaho just keep getting better and better every time you come. The ICHA Spring Aged Event and Weekend Show was outstanding this March.  Visitors were warmly welcomed back by the Idaho Horse Park staff and captivated by the new look and feel of rustic, old country that made the staging presence appealing and comfortable.
Marty Kelley, Operations for the Horse Park, said that the building and changing of the 88 foot staging took approximately a little over a month.  With the help of a welder, and steel cutter, Marty laid the wood himself.   “We did this for the ICHA because we wanted it to look and feel better.” Marty continued saying,  “By the fall, we are cutting 5 more sections of new stage pieces, and by next year we will have twice as many as we do now so that all of the staging matches.  Another good thing about this is they are permanent and not only do they look better; they are now quieter.”   Rod Orrison,  General Manager of the Horse Park, once again designed workable comfort into not only the staging but the brand new judges stands.  That’s right, 5 new 4 ft. wide and 8 ft tall stands, individually divided for privacy.  Marty explained, “The Judges spend a lot of time in there, we made it for comfort and looks.”  The stands have built in desks, and of course the videographer section is built right in too.  The Idaho Horse Park Arena continues to improve everyday– they always strive to get better and better.  Marty has been at the facility for 5 years, and he continues to build relationships and enjoy working with his fellow staff members; he looks forward to all the shows that come there.  He said, “I love all the people that come out, and it’s kind of sad when it’s time for them to go.  But, I look forward to knowing they are coming back.”

Greg Smith would have to agree with that.  Originally from Idaho, Greg has lived in Texas, parts of Utah, but he said “Idaho is home.  The weather is always great, it’s versatile, you can get the best of both worlds, city and country life.”

Greg Smith and Bridger Skaar

Greg feels so strongly that he plans on moving back.  He loves coming out to the Idaho shows, because the facility is great and the staff makes him feel at home.

Todd and Erin Bimat enjoyed their first Spring Aged event this year.  Todd and Erin just came back from the Pacific Coast Derby and decided to come here on their way home to Orland, California. Todd came out as a judge for the spring show last year, and was impressed to see the changes made to the judge’s stands this year.  “This show is awesome, the money is good, the cattle were
great, we definitely will be back.”  Todd said.  “Erin showed on Royal Dually.  We have had him since he was three.  We got him for her to have a horse to show on.  He is now six.  He always seems to work well in this facility; he made the finals this year.”  Todd has been training horses for a long time.  He is part of the NCHA Hall of Fame, has won major aged events in Fort Worth and has definitely been to a lot of different places.  Todd warmly stated, “I really enjoy that the ICHA does things for the community and supports different causes- it is nice to see.  There are a lot of gracious people in this industry, and I like helping people out.”

That is exactly what Todd and Erin did when they supported the Burn Out Program for the Fire Fighters of Nampa.  Don Lester, a friend of Todd’s, donated a breeding to Pepto Taz, which was held in a live auction.  When Todd was the high bidder of the auction, he graciously donated it back again, and it went to Randy Castona.   All for a great cause;  thank you to all who participated. Todd feels blessed to have been able to participate, “I have had some great owners to work with and horses to ride.  I have been blessed to have my wife, Erin, and it’s nice to give back.”
Fire, Fashion, and Horses, were on the agenda on Friday night.  The ICHA held a Fashion Show for the Ride For Joy.  Chelsi Horton, BSU Bronco Girl did a wonderful job pulling together this task.  Designers like Venario, Caamano, and Twist were on the runway giving back 5% to the Ride For Joy.   A Winning Way, Flynns, and C&K Trinkets were also supporters for this great cause, along with the new line from  The show was fun, and the commentators were spicy and energetic. Thank you to Miss Rodeo Idaho, Trisha Crump, and to our own Dru Stewart.
Dru has been announcing for the ICHA for the past several shows,  He likes coming here and we like having him.  He knows most of the cutters, he is good at what he does and he knows how to have fun!  Dru announces and auctioneers at a variety of places.  When asked why he likes coming to Idaho?  Dru answered, “This is the biggest little show in the NCHA.  Although it is run extremely professionally, the show is still laid back, family oriented, fun, and friendly.” He continued, “It is great to see shows like this step it up to be able to make it perfect for small aged events, and completely able to handle larger events too.  This is more than just a cutting… out here in Idaho, it is a production.”
Well said Dru, because that is what the staff at the Idaho Horse Park Arena and the staff of the Idaho Cutting Horse Association are determined to do.  Sue Marostica, Aged Event Coordinator for the ICHA, is passionate about continuing to support the local community and tourism while preserving our Western Heritage through programs that benefit everyone.  “Introducing spectators to the sport of cutting in unique ways is what will keep this sport alive” stated Randy Castona.   He continued on with saying, “This is a fun place to come, the facility is great and the people that take care of all the stalls- all the grounds people are exceptional.  At this show, many people get together and try to do something good. I have been coming here a long time and it just keeps getting better.  This is one of my wife’s favorite shows.”  Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to come this time as she was home raising a new litter of German Sheppard puppies.  The Castona’s are realizing their biggest dream of breeding and raising some great horses like CD Wilson at their Star Mountain Ranch in Oakley, Utah.
The leather jackets awarded to Champion & Reserve Champion of each class of the daily Aged Event were another hit this year.  Beautiful jackets by Carrol Leather looked stylish and amazing on everyone. The BBQ for the Burn Out program was so much fun, the kids even got to go on the Ladder Truck and ride up in the basket.   Legends In the Making Program had its kick off, and the kids were learning things like “free cash flow”  from financial advisor Scott Summerlin of Principal Financial.
The ICHA will continue to bring you shows that will amaze you, entertain you, and make you feel at home.  Preston Skaar, ICHA President and Show Manager, works hard to bring the best to you.  Preston said, “Thanks to everyone who came out this year, it was a huge success.  Lots of good relationships continue to build.  The new partnership with the Nampa Fireman’s Burn Out Program is exciting.  Community support was up and that is the best!”  .

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