ICHA Idaho Champion Series Saddle Sponsors

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The Idaho Cutting Horse Association is excited to be the  exclusive host of the 2009 Idaho Champion Series!  The ICHA Board of Directors has put together a great  show schedule for this series, which includes three ICHA-produced shows and a dozen ICHA-approved shows in various locations around our region.  Our goal is to provide you with as many opportunities as possible to accumulate earnings toward the Idaho Champion Series year-end standings.

Awards for this series will be presented to the top FIVE money earners in each class!  You won’t want to miss the chance to win any of the fabulous awards that we have planned for 2009!

Our ultimate goal is to present a saddle to the Champion of each class of the 2009 Idaho Champion Series.  Reaching this goal can only be accomplished with the help of generous cutter and sponsor donations.  We are off to a great start on this and we are VERY pleased to announce that three saddles  have been donated so far to help us reach that goal!!

Alex & Gina Macdonald Sandy Figge Figge Farms Barn

Scott Martin * Cindy Mann, * Denise Shewmaker  Corneil Therrien * Hazel Thorne
Please take time to tell these gracious sponsors “THANK YOU” for their dedication to supporting Cutting in Idaho  and for always being the fi rst to jump in and support the  livelihood of the ICHA!
The three saddles that have been donated so far will be  awarded to the Champion of each of the following classes:
*    $2,000 Limited Rider
*    $10,000 Amateur
*    $20,000 Non-Pro

You too can be a saddle or award sponsor

All award sponsors receive:

*  Free ICHA membership for the following year
*  Free Classifi ed Ads on our NEW WEBSITE   www.idahocha.com
*  Recognition at all of our shows on the Big Screen TV’s
*  Recognition in Horse Sports, the offi cial publication of the ICHA, for 1 year
*  Personal invitation to present awards at the ICHA Year- End Awards Presentation
*  Humble gratitude from the ICHA Board of Directors

Contact Sue Marostica for more details on how we can  assist each other in making 2009 a huge success!
(208) 890-9774 or sueicha@idahocha.com

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