Derby Open Results Thursday 3/21/2013

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Derby Open Results Thursday 3/21/2013
Idaho Spring Aged Event #2
Open Derby Results - Thurs
1This Cats Got StyleDustin GonnetRon Patton152$2,240.75
BC CndNanton Alberta
2Hallie ReyciousJosh SleemanJenifer Whisler150$1,523.71
Yelm WATenino WA
3To High For SueBrian AndersonFrank & Belinda Vandersloot150$1,523.71
Idaho Falls IDIdaho Falls ID
4CatnapsRuss MillerR J Chambers148$985.93
St. Anthony IDVal Verde CA
5Sarahs Super IchiTim DentonMike & Becky Coronado148$985.93
Sterling UTLas Vegas NV
6Hydrive DeeselJosh SleemanJim & Luana Wriglesworth147.5$592.66
Yelm WASandy OR
7Rey ZoomLawson HadlockDavid Whitaker147.5$592.66
Ogden UTKaysville UT
8Stellas Sweet N LowScott MartinGina Macdonald147.5$592.66
Bellevue IDKetchum ID
9San Tule BobDiehl HinerBob & Ann Hulden147$0.00
North Powder ORUnion OR
10NRR Jack the CatTracy BartonJason Reed146$0.00
Pierre SDx x
11This Cats MaxDustin GonnetDoug Wiens146$0.00
BC CndChilliwack Cnd
12Widow PoisonousWill NuttallSwitchback Cutting Horses LLC146$0.00
Red Lodge MTRoscoe MT
13Smart Short CatGreg SmithRoberta Thompson145$0.00
Star IDCocolalla ID
14CatzToby WilliamsonToby & Linda Williamson144.5$0.00
Eagle IDEagle ID
15Dualin A SpoonfulRuss MillerM Hazel Thorne144.5$0.00
St. Anthony IDPicabo ID
16Bobs Acre ChoiceGreg SmithRoberta Thompson144$0.00
Star IDCocolalla ID
17LCR Penny RemedyDiehl HinerGene & Nicki Hiner144$0.00
North Powder ORNorth Powder Oregon
18One Time PlayboyRuss ElrodMiller Ranch144$0.00
Terrebonne ORx x
19Playful TimeAndy ChristensenDavid Miller144$0.00
West Point UTPayson UT
20Sly N SneekyCody SmithConnie Down Cicoria144$0.00
Calgary AB CndCalgary Alberta Canada
21Hes The Cats MeowBrian AndersonSharon Waggoner143$0.00
Idaho Falls IDJackson WY
22Little Miss HydriveGreg SmithKristopher Stice143$0.00
Star IDx x
23NRR Stylish CatTracy BartonNorth Ridge Ranch Inc143$0.00
Pierre SDPierre SD
24Scatcat CougarTim DentonGlen & Nancy Wade143$0.00
Sterling UTWest Point UT
25Daintys RoseLawson HadlockSusan Fullen142.5$0.00
Ogden UTAlbuquerque NM
26LCR Motor ScooterDiehl HinerDiehl & Jessica Hiner141.5$0.00
North Powder ORNorth Powder OR
27One WiahScott MartinRobert Schutte140$0.00
Bellevue IDTwin Falls ID
28Marmosets MaidenCody SmithConnie Down Cicoria125$0.00
Calgary AB CndCalgary Alberta Canada
29Cat in OverdriveAndy ChristensenGreg White120$0.00
West Point UTMagna UT
30Hydrive JewelTim DentonGlen & Nancy Wade120$0.00
Sterling UTWest Point UT
31Karats N Oaks CatRuss ElrodHarvey & Lynette Doman120$0.00
Terrebonne ORBend OR
32MJ Magic TimeScott MartinCindy Mann120$0.00
Bellevue IDCarey ID
33Maradas TachitaBrian AndersonFrank & Belinda Vandersloot0$0.00
Idaho Falls IDIdaho Falls ID
34Scratchin CatJosh SleemanRoxy Kinnaman0$0.00
Yelm WAOlympia WA

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