Bridger Preston Skaar

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Welcome to the Skaar Family’s newest addition and our newest cutter!  Darcy, Preston and Presley Skaar
Bridger Preston Skaar was born June 29, 2009 at 5:47 pm.  6 lbs 6 ozs.  19″ long. 

Born in Idaho Falls to parents, Preston and Darcy Skaar, and big sister Preslee.  As you all know Preston is the ICHA President and Darcy is the ICHA Secretary and Communications Director.  They are a huge part of the ICHA, and we would be very hard pressed without their help.

Bridger needs our prayers right now.  He is having difficulty breathing and is in NICU.  Please include them in your prayers today and you can include a little prayer or congratulations here if you would like.

* Update July 1   1:15 pm  from Darcy to Sue
We are better today. I got to hold him finally last night and then again about an hour ago. He is still on oxygen and feeding tube, IV, etc. But may be able to start nursing tomorrow depending on how he does on feeding tube.

*Update July 1   9:33 pm from Darcy to Sue
Bridger has an infection that showed up in his blood cultures today. He has been on antibiotic “just in case” for that exact thing since late Monday night, so at least they are a little bit ahead of it. But the bad news is that now he has to stay in hospital (and probably in NICU) until at least Monday. ;-(   He did nurse tonight though, so that is great. They are still trying to get him off of the oxygen and breathing on his own. Time will tell. Thanks for all your love and prayers.

Preston, Darcy, Preslee & Bridger

 Update 7/2  Darcy to Sue 9:45 pmbridger-1
We are better today- he is doing SO well at nursing. He is doing better today on oxygen etc. So hopefully we can stay in forward motion on that ;-)

Update 7-5-09 from Darcy to Sue   9:30pm
Bridger is still in the hospital. Not really much change- eating good but still on oxygen. Once he can finally get off oxygen, he will have to stay another 24-48 hrs for monitoring before they will discharge him. Preston is desperately needed for hay/ barley harvest so he goes back to work tomorrow. Just wanted to update you. Darcy
P.S.   Oh- I think I told you but… huge blessing that we have been able to “room in” at the hospital and nurses take as good of care of us as they do of Bridger. ;-)

Bridger Preston Skaar

Update 7-8-09 from Darcy to Sue
Bridger is finally going home today!! He will be on oxygen for a while longer, but it is a small enough amount that the Dr feels like
we can manage it fine at home. Yeah!!!
   He will be discharged about 2pm. Darcy


  1. My prayers are with you all at this time. Lord help little Bridger breathe easier.

  2. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  3. Congratulations, Preston and Darcy on your newborn!
    Bridger, you have joined a wonderful family. Our best wishes that you will all be home and healthy very soon.
    Bob & Nina Lundgren

  4. Bridger my prayers are with you and your family!


  5. My children and I will be praying for your family and little Bridger. God always hears our prayers and those of the little children. May Bridger be encircled with healing light and Gods hand upon him to help him breathe and may his family find the strength they need to keep their faith and find energy through difficult times.

    Our prayers are with you
    Corey Fagan and family

  6. Our prayers are with each of you, and we’re sure that God knows what a strong and special little guy he has in his care right now. We’re sure that little Bridger will soon be breathing without any difficulty and looking up at his wonderful parents, and big sister.

  7. Congratulations on your new baby boy. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this blessed and delicate time.

  8. I am not too sure how to let you know that I will be thinking about you and your child other than to say that “I am.” My thoughts and prays are with you.

    Katie Breckenridge

  9. My thoughts and prayers are with Bridger and his family at this very difficult time. Be strong and keep the faith.

  10. Preston and Darcy, our prayers and best wishes are with you and your family. You are wonderful people and deserve the best.

    Good luck.

    Craig and Jana Johnson

  11. My prayers are with you all!! I will be sending love, Reiki and prayers to you all for renewed strength with each coming day. Keep the faith!!


  12. Hope things are getting better now. Our prayers are with you and best wishes.

    Don & Adaruth

  13. Bridger has joined a wonderful family. The cutting horse family!! Certainly with all of our support, he will be safe and sound soon. Darcy and Preston, we are here for you!!

    Stay strong,

  14. Preston and Darcy my heart is with you and little Bridger. That kid came from good stock and he is tough little guy. I will keep in touch.

  15. Congradulations! We are thinking of all your family and wish that Bridger comes home healthy. Hurry home and we look forward to meeting you at a cutting soon!

    Russ and Julie

  16. Preston and Darcy,
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. May you feel the strength of them and all those being offered for Bridger at this time.

    God Bless,
    Ken and Jennie Hale

  17. Preston and Darcy,

    My thoughts are with you. It sounds like Bridger is starting to do better – I’m so glad. He certainly has a wonderful family to come home to. Please keep me updated on how things are going – and I hope to see all of you soon.

    P.S., tell his big sister that she’ll just have to take “special” care of her little brother for awhile now.


  18. We know that prayers are answered so we will continue to pray for you and Bridger and the rest of your family. Positive thoughts begat positive actions.

  19. What a lucky little guy…Bridger has such a circle of people praying for health, including us. I’m sure big sister Presley will meet all of his needs as soon as he gets to come home. Our thoughts are with you right now and our hope is that you can take your son home as soon as possible. Congratulations for such a complete little family.

  20. Congratulations on the birth of Bridger. We are praying for ya’ll and look forward to seeing your healthy little one soon. May God continue to bless you richly as you diligently seek Him and serve Him.

    keith & debbie

  21. Congratulations !!!!
    All of you are in my thoughts and prayers. The nurses and doctors will take excellent care of your precious little one.

  22. Congratulations Preston, Darcy and Presley on the new addition to the family! My thoughts are with you all and especially little Bridger, that he gets to go home soon. We’re all out here rooting for you!

  23. Congratulations Skaar Family on your newest addition! My family is praying for you all right now and we hope you will be able to bring Bridger home very soon.

  24. I had a similiar situation several years ago. He is in the hands of capable doctors and his lord and savior. My family’s prayers are with him and you all.

    I have never met you but I am grateful for all your family does to make others lives and passions easier!

  25. Welcome Bridger!
    Preston and Darcy my thoughts and prayers are with you during this stressful time. Sounds like the little guy got off to a rough start but is giving it his best, hopefully he will be home with you soon.

  26. Darcy & Preston,

    Congratulations on the birth of your new son! I pray that every day, Bridger is getting stronger, and that very soon you’ll be taking him home.

  27. Dear Darcy and Preston
    I definately am praying for little Bridger’s full recovery and he will never be far from my thoughts until he is safely home and cheering Daddy through all the haying and farm work! It sounds like the staff at the hospital are doing a great job and are taking great care of all of you! It’s got to be tough to be separated as a family right now. I love you all…gina

  28. May God’s speed be with you now on your road to recovery!

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