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Please read and discuss with your fellow cutters If anyone is interested in participating, please contact Jack Holt
All interested parties must have their information into Jack prior to July 1!

NCHA Region 1 Affiliates;

The NCHA Convention Recap addressed to Region 1 Directors has some significant information that includes some new direction at NCHA that will affect us all. That information is on the newly formed Competition Committee, and is found toward the bottom of the email. This committee will play a major role in rule making and in depth consideration of issues that will affect the direction NCHA will take in the future. Its structure is discussed in the email. I am glad to answer any questions you or your members may have.

This committee will be made up of a representative cross-section of the NCHA membership. One of the balances will be geographic. There will be 24 members on this committee, with 8 Regions to be represented. (Quick Math = 3 / Region on average). Region 1 is the 2nd largest in membership count of the 8, so it is very important that our voice be heard. We are also #2 in affiliate count.

At this time approximately half of the Competition Committee has been chosen by the affected committees. Kristen York (Wyoming) from Region 1 was chosen by the Amateur Committee to be its representative on the Amateur Weekend segment. The other half of the members will be selected by the Executive Committee in an effort to balance the committee out. That is where you can help. Your association can be instrumental in getting the the word out so that interested members can get their name in the hat. The association is encouraged to make this information available to its members, as well as recommending those you’d like to see representing your association and Region 1.

For those that are interested, please contact me at 541 420-8585 or email usedcowlot@ykwc.net.  The names and accompanying information have to be received prior to July 1, 2017, so time is of the essence. Thanks for your help.


Jack. Holt
Executive Committee, Region 1 seat

Region 1 Directors,

The 2017 NCHA Convention was quite eventful, particularly when it came to new ideas being seriously discussed and real change being implemented.

The first meeting was an unofficial Region 1 meeting on Thursday to discuss the Competition Committee proposal, which was the major initiative at the convention. This allowed 2 hours for a serious, in-depth discussion. The concept was generally accepted but there were questions about execution and structure of this committee. That was true of the other 7 regions as well. As a result, the committees discussed this at length over the next two days with most concerns addressed. The vote came Sunday morning at the Directors Meeting, with a vote of 113 for and 18 against the proposal. This is clearly our new direction. The key for me and you is to have Region 1 folks on this committee that will keep us well represented. Kristen York was the selection by the Amateur Committee to represent Amateurs on the weekend segment of the Competition Committee.
Ron Pietrafeso, Vice President, was in attendance. Coming from Region 1 will be a big help in keeping us with a seat at the table. Congratulations to Ron.

New NCHA Directors attending included Michelle VanDyke, MT; Michael Simmons, CO; Holly Jones, WA; and Dean Rebhunh, WA. They were very involved all during the convention and represented Region 1 very well.

The next morning, the first meeting was the official Region 1 meeting where the Competition Committee and regional topics were discussed. Some points discussed:

* We have the 2nd largest membership population of the 8 Regions. We had 1888 members at 2016 fiscal year end, and 1808 through 8 months of fiscal year 2017. (Note: fiscal year is (Oct. 1 - Sep. 30). Year to date, NCHA membership is down 4.5% over the same period of time compared to 2016 and 14.5% compared to 2016 year end. We anticipate picking up new members through September. There are now 86 total affiliates, of which Region 1 had 16, which ranks 2nd of all regions.
* Judges expenses to keep qualifications up were a hot topic, with travel expenses to attend mandatory clinics the concern. This is being addressed by having qualifying clinics available at major shows, such as Idaho, Calgary and Rancho. There is also talk of possibly reinstating the ‘A’ judge rating with a $10,000 earnings requirement.
* A discussion of new class structure was brought up, and significantly, also on two standing committee agendas. Money won and the team ropers point system have been put forward as possible alternatives to what we have now. There was real energy for addressing the class structure all during the convention. The time may very well be here to come up with a solid proposal. Your opinions are encouraged.
* Folks seem to be OK with the new website format and particularly want to keep the blue button. The layout on mobile phones makes it difficult to read and navigate. This will be the case until our computer system is switched over from the AS400 to the new HUB platform.
* Western Nationals entries for 2016 Denver compared to 2017 Scottsdale and 2017 Denver entries were presented. There is a combined 104 additional entries combining both Scottsdale and Denver this year versus 2016 Denver by itself. This led to a rehash of the Radomske Regional Proposal that was well accepted at last year’s convention. There is agreement that it should be reconsidered without the World Finals element. Many of you have requested the financial recap of the Scottsdale show. Here is the tally as of 5.29.2017. Please note the ‘miscellaneous’ entry toward the bottom of the expense column for sales tax and hotel. There may be some adjustment coming that will help our bottom line. I’ll keep you posted.
Note: Scottsdale info is blurry so not included. Contact Jack for your copy.
Significant attention was given to the practice pen and show grounds in general during the convention. Training devices are the issue and we can expect new guidelines to be coming our way. Basically, the use of training aids in different areas of the show grounds will be the subject. Also, training in the show pen will become much more clearly defined and emphasized with the judges under the Zero Tolerance rule.

There was a committee recommendation to consider riding a leased horse in beginning classes. Any thoughts here?

The Production and Development Committee had two significant reports to pass on.
* One is to explore a ‘Road to the Cutter’ concept which was put forth by Nina Lundgren prior to convention. Nina has been asked to work with this committee to give it a thorough consideration.
* The second is a way to keep our Region 1 affiliates and members in the spotlight. We can become a NCHA Content Generator. Electronic media can be forwarded to Elaina Ross at eross@nchacutting.com  . With cell phones and iPads, we can get on NCHA produced communications. Elaina can be reached at 817 244-6188 x 139 to answer your questions.

We had a great address from Shawn Burkenshaw from Protect the Harvest. This organization is working very hard to protect agriculture and our western way of life. This is serious business. I encourage you to go to their website (they are a sponsor and on the NCHA website) and see what they are doing. Truly, the future of the rural way of life is at stake and they are fighting the good fight. A special thank you to Lucas Oil and Protect the Harvest for their support of NCHA and our western heritage.

The Hall of Fame Banquet on Saturday night was terrific. Old friends, new friends and a chance to rub elbows in a positive, energetic environment. Of special note to our region was the induction into the Members Hall of Fame for Nina Lundgren, and Josh Sleeman, Dustin Gonnet, and Kenny Platt into the Riders Hall of Fame. Mom’s Stylish Player, ridden by Kenny, was inducted into the Horse Hall of Fame as well. The first one is earned through your piers, the second by winning a million dollars. None of these awards are easy to come by and the recipients are to be congratulated! Lots of Region 1 support for these Hall of Famers.

***** With the implementation of the Competition Committee, the first order of business is choosing the committee members. Being a member of this committee will be a significant commitment, but a very important one in future NCHA decision making. I am including the guidelines for the Competition Committee. Look through them and let me know if you have the interest and desire to serve. Include your area of interest and which segment you would prefer to be in. Candidates need to be identified by July 1, 2017. Note that you do not have to be a Director or committee member to qualify. The objective is to get a true balance that can bring specific expertise and perspective in achieving the best recommendations and direction for the entire NCHA membership. Note that to date, the standing committees have appointed 13 members from the following regions:
Region 1 has 1 Region 2 has 2 Region 3 has 1 Region 4 has 1 Region 5 has 0 Region 6 has 0 Region 7 has 3 Region 8 has 5
The future selections will come from the Executive Committee with the goal of balancing the committee. Region 1 needs to up the ante to have its voice heard.


The affected Standing Committees are listed on the Committee Structure graph. (Contact Jack for graph and additional visual aids that were not able to be included in this posting) Those marked with ‘2’ members are the committees to be populated by the EC. Those with ‘1’ will have only the one selected by the respective committee.

There you have it. Much to chew on going forward, with a structure in place to truly think things through. You can be part of it. Call or email with questions or comments, as always.


Jack Holt
541 420-8585 

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